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Our 2023 grant application round is NOW OPEN! 

  • Application period: August 1-31, 2023
  • Conference grants may be applied retroactively within the same calendar year (with proof of attendance).
  • To be considered, the applicant must agree to fulfill one of the following giving back options:
    • Write a brief article (250-500 words) for the blog or newsletter summarizing your conference paper or reflecting on your experience and detailing the sessions you attended and any personal gains you would like to share with NOTIS members (within 60 days after the conference or, if the grant is retroactive, within 60 days of receiving the grant).
    • Offer a training session or presentation for NOTIS members free of charge on your experience or on the topic you presented at the conference (within the same calendar year if applied retroactively or within a year if the application is for a conference that takes place after August 31). If you prefer this option, you will submit the title and a brief description of your presentation to the NOTİS Board for scheduling within 60 days of conference attendance (or of receiving the grant, if applied retroactively).
NOTE: Non-compliance with these terms will require the grantee to return the full amount awarded within 60 days.


Through its grants program, NOTIS aims to support the translation and interpretation community by facilitating access to valuable networking and training events. 

These grants are intended to help NOTIS members attend a major translation or interpretation conference of their choice, in person or virtually. Examples of major conferences include, but are not limited to, ATA, ALTA, CHIA, NAJIT. (Smaller local conferences do not apply.) 


  • Conference attendees: 10 grants available at $250 each
  • Conference speakers: 5 grants at $500 each 

The grant amount is meant to cover conference registration fees and applicable travel and lodging costs.


  • Applicant must have been a NOTIS member for at least 2 years
  • Previous grant/scholarship recipients are not eligible to receive another NOTIS grant for a period of 3 years.
  • NOTIS Board members are not eligible to apply.
Candidates will be evaluated anonymously by a committee using a predetermined set of objective criteria.

Priority will be given for upcoming conferences in 2023, but the scholarship may also be applied retroactively (this means you can apply for a scholarship to pay for a conference that you have already attended in 2023).


    NOTE: You do not need to register for the conference in order to apply for the scholarship.

    • Once you receive notification that you have received the conference grant, you will pay your registration fee upfront. 
    • You will then send NOTIS a copy of your conference registration confirmation. 
    • Or, if your grant applies to a previous conference, you will present confirmation of your attendance.
    • Upon receipt of these documents, NOTIS will send you the full grant amount. 


    Grant applications will be accepted during the month of August (August 1-31)  →  Apply here! 

    Announcements will be distributed on social media and via email roughly one month prior to the deadline.

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