NOTIS Translation/Interpretation Conference Scholarship

Purpose: Through its scholarships program, NOTIS aims to support the translation and interpretation community by increasing access to essential training. This scholarship is intended to help NOTIS members attend a translation or interpretation conference of their choice in person. Some examples of conferences include ATA, ALTA, CHIA, NAJIT, etc.

Award: The scholarship will be a maximum set amount of $1000 to cover the conference registration fees, and also offset some of the applicable travel and lodging costs.

Eligibility and Requirements: Applicants must be a member of NOTIS in good standing. Applicants may only apply for one scholarship at a time. Candidates will be evaluated anonymously by a committee using a predetermined set of objective criteria. Please note: NOTIS-sponsored conferences and workshops are not eligible to be covered by this scholarship. Previous recipients of a NOTIS scholarship are not eligible to receive another NOTIS scholarship for a period of 5 years after winning the scholarship.

If NOTIS notifies you that you have received the scholarship, you will pay for your registration cost up front. You would then send NOTIS 1) a copy of your conference registration and 2) a budget for travel and lodging costs. Upon receipt of those documents, NOTIS will send the full scholarship amount. After attending the conference, each recipient will write a blog post for NOTIS discussing his or her experience at the conference (length of 300-500 words, to be submitted within 30 days after completion of conference).

Application deadline: May 13, 2019. (Scholarship recipients will be selected by May 27, 2019.)

Application:  To apply, please download and fill out the form here, and return by email to
Here is a link to Potential Trainings.

Questions? Send us an email at

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