Financial Literacy 101

  • 04/25/2020
  • 13:00 - 14:30 (EDT)
  • Webinar

Financial Literacy 101

PRESENTED BY TIMOTHY T. MALONE II, MA, CMI “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” No one would accept a translation or interpreting job without proper preparation, right? Nonetheless, the average person— in the US and abroad—approaches personal finance and hence its translation with very little preparation. This presentation will demystify some of the basic concepts and principles relevant to personal finance, greatly enhancing translator and interpreter terminological knowledge and management of this area and will include a detailed discussion of numerous topics, including the “pay yourself first” principal, debt stacking, tax deferment and minimization, mutual funds, types of life insurance, and IRA accounts (Roth and traditional), among others. Following the presentation, time will be allotted for a Q&A session. [Language neutral]

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Note: Please contact NOTA directly for any question. NOTIS does not host this event. 

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