STIBC: Plain Language Tips & Punctuation, Period! (A Full-Day Workshop)

  • 09/23/2017
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • 400 -1501 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Clearing the Fog: Plain Language Tips (half-day)

This workshop introduces you to seven practical tips for using plainer English. After a quick look at what plain language is and how the reader fits in, we’ll discuss the importance of concrete terms, simple words, short sentences, and the ever-crucial verb. Then we’ll examine real-life examples of how plain language can make even the most complex documents clear and easy to read.

 Punctuation, Period! (half-day)

Get ready to immerse yourself in marks. This workshop covers the top punctuation pitfalls and predicaments facing language professionals today. After a brief look at past and present trends, we’ll demystify the comma; dip into semicolons, colons and hyphens; and discuss when to stick to the rules and when (judiciously) to bend them. Along the way, you’ll test yourself with exercises.

Facilitator bio:

Frances Peck, BA, MA, is a writer and Certified Professional Editor (Hon.) who works on material ranging from manuals and websites to technical documents and reports. Most of her clients are in the government, corporate, non-profit and association sectors. She has taught at the University of Ottawa, Simon Fraser University and Douglas College, and gives editing and writing workshops across Canada. Frances prepared the Canadian edition of The St. Martin's Workbook, co-authored the HyperGrammar website and wrote Peck's English Pointers, an e-book published by Canada's Translation Bureau. She is a longtime member of Editors Canada and a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates.

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