NW Literary Translation Events

Events of interest to literary translators and fans of literary translation. 
This list contains a variety of events related to the translation of literature, some of which are organized and sponsored by NOTIS and some that are not. Events organized by NOTIS are labeled with the "NOTIS event" logo. To learn more about the Northwest Literary Translators, click here

Upcoming Literary Translation Events

    • 12/08/2023
    • 12/31/2024
    • Online

    Northwest Literary Translators Group presents

    Self-Editing for Literary Translation

    Presented by Mia Spangenberg and Kay Heikkinen

    NOTE: This is a pre-recorded workshop reformatted into on-demand.

    The Northwest Literary Translators welcome you to an online seminar about literary translators' favorite methods for editing their own work. From reading out loud to changing the color of the font, we all have strategies and tricks for forcing ourselves to see (and hear!) our text in a new light. But are there specific areas or types of text that present extra pitfalls when editing? Is there a perfect time of day for dealing with revisions? How many drafts is too many? Come to hear your colleagues' collected wisdom and share your best tips with us.

    This event will be organized into two parts. Part 1 will be brief presentations by members who have a specific set of techniques to share or demonstrate. Part 2 will be devoted to discussion and brainstorming. 

    Free for
     NOTIS members, $5 Non-members (Click to Join NOTIS)

    After registering, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, your registration did not go through. Registration confirmation will include a video link.

    Please note that no continuing education credits will be awarded.


    Mia Spangenberg translates from Finnish, Swedish, and German into English. Her translations include works by acclaimed artists such as Finlandia-prize winning author Pirkko Saisio and children’s book author and illustrator Marika Maijala. She holds a Ph.D. in Scandinavian studies from the University of Washington, Seattle, where she resides with her family. You can find her on her website: https://www.miaspangenberg.com/

    Kay Heikkinen is a translator and academic who holds a PhD from Harvard University. She was previously Ibn Rushd Lecturer of Arabic at the University of Chicago. Among other books, she has translated Naguib Mahfouz’s In the Time of Love, Radwa Ashour’s The Woman From Tantoura, and Huzama Habayeb's Velvet, for which she was awarded the 2020 Saif-Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

    NOTE: On-Demand workshops are nonrefundable.


    • 11/07/2024
    • 18:00 - 19:00
    • Online
    • 34

    NOTIS’s Translation Division presents:

    The Scholarly Translator: Technical Platypus or Literary Unicorn?
    Presented by Zakiya Hanafi

    What is it about?
    Scholarly texts occupy an ambiguous space between the literary and the technical. Their translation demands keen research skills to track down obscure quotations, detailed work on footnotes and bibliographies, terminological consistency, subject-matter expertise, and a specialized vocabulary. Yet the prose of these texts frequently demands the rich cultural and intellectual background and writerly talents that only a literary translator can provide. Scholarly translators also dwell in a different publishing environment with its own challenges and opportunities.

    Join us for this presentation by a professional translator who works on both technical and literary texts to discuss the special challenges and working conditions of this translation sub-species and define its taxonomy: platypus or unicorn?

    Thursday, November 7th, 2024, 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. PST 

    Check-in at 5:50 p.m. Class from 6 pm - 7 pm.

    Two reminders will be sent: the first arriving three days before the workshop, and the second arriving on the day before. Each reminder will include log-on instructions and class handouts if applicable.

    $20 NOTIS members, $35 Non-members (Click to Join NOTIS)

    Before you register, make sure that your online setup meets the equipment and connectivity requirements. Requirements

    Registration will be accepted online until five days prior to the workshop. After registering, you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive a confirmation, your registration did not go through. Registration confirmation includes Zoom information, a meeting ID, and a passcode.

    CE Credits?

      Credits Requested  Approval Status 
    ATA 1 Pending

    Please note that continuing education credit is not requested from DSHS, AOC, OJD, CCHI, or IMIA/NBCMI.

    Who is teaching?
    Zakiya Hanafi (PhD, Stanford) is an independent scholar and professional translator of French and Italian into English, specializing in academic works on literature, history, and philosophy. In 2023 she was awarded the prestigious MLA Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Scholarly Study of Literature for her work on Guido Mazzoni’s On Modern Poetry (Harvard UP). Her own book, The Monster in the Machine: Magic, Medicine, and the Marvelous in the Time of the Scientific Revolution was published in 2000 by Duke UP. With more than a dozen translated books to her name, she is keen to start a dialogue on the space of the scholarly translator and its place among the greater translation community.

    Certificates of Attendance will be awarded to all who arrive on time and stay for the entire workshop. Please allow yourself enough time to log on and sign in before the webshop begins. While latecomers are welcome to stay for the educational value of the webshop, we will not provide CE credit if you arrive late, for any reason. Certificates will be emailed the following week.

    No refunds can be given within five days of the event. A $10 processing fee will apply for refunds requested before five days of the event. Contact
    NOTIS for cancellation. Transfer of credits to another workshop is not allowed. No refunds will be given for reasons unrelated to this content, such as unstable internet connection, issues with the third party application, not receiving reminders, or problems with system requirements.

    **This workshop will be recorded.**

      Anything else?
      If you require accommodation, please contact  NOTIS at least 3 weeks in advance if possible.

       to NOTIS

    Past Literary Translation Events

    06/20/2024 2024 Translation Slam!
    06/01/2024 Machine and GenAI Translation Techniques for NOTIS members (online live via Zoom) 1 CEU by ATA. Free for NOTIS members!
    05/22/2024 How to Be a Translator or Interpreter and Not Go Broke (members only, $5; online via Zoom) 2 CEUs by DSHS (#761), AOC, OJD, ATA.
    05/16/2024 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    05/02/2024 Reception and Q&A with Translator Anton Hur
    05/01/2024 Literary Translation Masterclass with Anton Hur (free for members)
    04/18/2024 Book Discussion: Babel by R.F. Kuang
    03/14/2024 Poetry Translation Workshop with Wendy Call
    02/28/2024 The Translations of Seamus Heaney with Marco Sonzogni
    02/15/2024 Discussion: Literary Translators Inside and Outside the Academy
    01/20/2024 The Importance of Biblical References for Translators and Interpreters
    01/19/2024 Translating For and Against Empire
    01/18/2024 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    12/14/2023 Northwest Literary Translators Holiday Potluck
    11/18/2023 Olena Stiazhkina and Dominique Hoffman
    11/16/2023 Self-Editing for Literary Translation
    10/19/2023 Literary Translation Feedback Forum & Conference Prep
    10/05/2023 Juhani Karila and Lola Rogers
    09/30/2023 Celebrate International Translation Day with NOTIS
    09/09/2023 Bringing Nordic Children's Literature to an English Readership
    08/24/2023 Literary Translation Pitching Practice
    07/27/2023 Book Discussion: Translating Myself and Others
    06/19/2023 On Demand: Subtitling 101 - The Art and Science of Good Subtitles (watch the recording and earn continuing education credits) 3 credits by ATA. $15/members
    06/15/2023 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/15/2023 On Demand: The Sweet Spot Called Productivity (Recorded workshop, free for members!) 1 CEU by ATA
    06/07/2023 Book presentation: "Whale" by Cheon Myeong-kwan
    05/18/2023 Fourth Annual Translation Slam!
    05/04/2023 Mia Spangenberg presents The Red Book of Farewells
    04/20/2023 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    03/09/2023 Party with the Northwest Literary Translators
    03/08/2023 AWP Conference & Bookfair
    03/02/2023 Lecture: Translation as a Decolonial Act in Southeast Asia
    02/16/2023 Roundtable: Selling Books in Translation
    01/26/2023 Northwest Literary Translators 2023 Preview Meeting
    12/15/2022 Literary Translators Holiday Potluck
    11/15/2022 Found in Translation, Or Why to Translate & for Who?
    10/25/2022 Translating the Eccentric and the Commonplace
    10/20/2022 Translations That Sound Right: On Rendering the Ukrainian Writer Serhiy Zhadan into English
    09/29/2022 Conference Prep for Literary Translators
    07/11/2022 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/13/2022 Third Annual Translation Slam!
    05/09/2022 Workshop: Pitching translations to publishers
    04/15/2022 Hamid Ismailov in conversation with Shelley Fairweather-Vega
    04/11/2022 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    04/08/2022 ALTA45th
    03/14/2022 Research for Literary Translation
    02/15/2022 Contracts for Book-length Works of Literary Translation
    01/10/2022 Translating Food
    12/13/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    11/15/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    11/11/2021 ALTA 44th annual conference - in-person portion
    10/29/2021 Translation Studies Hub Colloquium: Anthony Geist on Translating Poetry
    10/27/2021 ATA 62nd annual conference
    10/15/2021 ALTA 44th annual conference - online portion
    10/12/2021 Ask the Literary Translators
    09/30/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    09/25/2021 Russian Translation Master Class
    09/17/2021 OSTI 2021 online conference
    08/12/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    07/08/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/17/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    04/03/2021 Book talk: "Gaia, Queen of Ants" with author and translator
    03/04/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    01/28/2021 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    01/21/2021 Meet the Translator: Sasha Senderovich
    12/17/2020 Meet the Translator: Becky Crook
    12/10/2020 Meet the Translator: Jenni Salmi RESCHEDULED!
    12/03/2020 David Jacobson: Publishing, translation, poetry
    11/05/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    10/15/2020 Meet the Translator: Allison A. DeFreese
    10/09/2020 Classics of Translation = Translation of Classics
    09/30/2020 ALTA National Conference
    09/19/2020 OSTI Conference Week 2
    09/17/2020 Meet the Translator: Lola Rogers
    09/12/2020 OSTI Conference Week 1
    09/10/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    08/20/2020 Meet the Translator: Shelley Fairweather-Vega
    08/13/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    07/30/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    07/16/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    07/02/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/17/2020 OSTI Literary Translation Open Mic
    06/04/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/02/2020 Children’s Literature in Translation
    05/21/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    05/07/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    04/23/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    04/19/2020 OSTI Literary Translation Workshop
    04/16/2020 POSTPONED: Spring Translation Slam!
    03/28/2020 POSTPONED Translated book talk: Gaia, Queen of Ants
    03/19/2020 POSTPONED Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    02/20/2020 The Untranslatable: a talk with Allison deFreese
    01/18/2020 Portland literary translation meetup
    01/16/2020 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    01/15/2020 Art of Translation with Veronica Muskheli
    12/19/2019 Poetry translation workshop
    11/21/2019 True Crime: A True Translation Story
    10/29/2019 Colloquium: "Teaching Translation Studies: A Literary Science for a STEM Campus”
    10/17/2019 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    10/06/2019 Portland literary translation meetup
    09/26/2019 Translating Children's Literature
    06/20/2019 Editing literary translations
    05/25/2019 Translation In the Spotlight
    04/18/2019 Lyn Coffin lecture
    03/30/2019 Tavern Books 10th Anniversary Celebration and Translators’ Reading
    03/28/2019 AWP Literary Translation Happy Hour
    03/27/2019 AWP Annual Conference
    03/21/2019 Spring Translation Slam!
    03/02/2019 Portland literary translation meetup
    02/21/2019 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    01/17/2019 NW Literary Translators host Dr. Richard Watts
    12/20/2018 Translating Comics and Graphic Novels
    11/15/2018 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    10/31/2018 ALTA National Conference
    10/18/2018 Conference Prep for Literary Translators
    10/15/2018 Translator Marian Schwartz
    10/12/2018 Talk by author Katarina Marinčič
    09/11/2018 At the Inkwell celebrates National Translation Month: Words and Worlds In Translation
    08/02/2018 HALF OFF THE PRICE!! Maintaining the Author’s Voice in Translation
    06/23/2018 Literary Translators Open Mic Night
    06/09/2018 Literary Translation Workshop: Theory in Practice
    05/17/2018 Literary Translation & the Law
    04/19/2018 Self-publishing 101
    03/29/2018 Memory and Forgetting in Don Quixote
    03/15/2018 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    02/15/2018 Translation for the Opera
    02/11/2018 Slovene Culture Day
    02/09/2018 Translation Practices: Negotiating Difference (Praxis 2018)
    01/18/2018 Literary Translation Tools and Tech
    12/21/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    11/08/2017 Roundtable on Education for Literary Translation
    10/20/2017 USBBY conference
    10/19/2017 Postponed: Game translation as literary translation
    10/05/2017 ALTA National Conference
    09/21/2017 AmazonCrossing Happy Hour and Reading Night
    09/12/2017 Translation reading night
    08/26/2017 Songs of the City
    07/20/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    06/15/2017 Poetry, translation and grants
    05/19/2017 Book talk: "Translation's Forgotten History"
    05/18/2017 Literary translation publishers' panel
    04/20/2017 Spring translation slam
    03/16/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
    02/16/2017 Literary Translation: Pitch Perfect
    01/19/2017 Feedback Forum for literary translators
    12/08/2016 Literary Translation Meetup
    10/10/2016 Translated book talk: Deborah Smith
    10/06/2016 ALTA Annual Conference
    05/21/2016 Spotlight Your Work (NOTIS social event)
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