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Upcoming events

    • 12/07/2019
    • 14:00 - 20:00
    • Highland Community Center

    It's time to get excited about another epic NOTIS Holiday Party!

    Join us on Saturday, December 7, 2019

     at the Highland Community Center

    14224 Bel-Red Road in Bellevue

     (BUS ROUTES LISTED. Please read the ENTIRE invitation!)

    The party will begin at 3:00PM, directly after the NOTIS Annual Meeting to be held from 2:00PM - 3:00PM. Please watch your mail for your official Annual Meeting invitation.

    The Highland Community Center will be this year's venue for our festive merriment! Giant log posts in the main hall give it an inviting lodge feel, and we have double the capacity we had last year. So let's do our usual great job of sharing our sumptuous cooking with each other, celebrating another fantastic year of working with great people, and meeting new friends! Please bring a main dish, salad, appetizer, dip, or dessert to share. Also, please wear your most festive holiday sweater and/or your reindeer antlers!

     Back by popular demand! KARAOKE!  We hope our 'songbirds' from last year come back to grace us with their incredible renditions of their favorite songs!  We invite all other aspiring songbirds to grab the microphone!

    Cookie Contest - Are you ready to showcase your baking prowess? Last year's entries were DELICIOUS, with the mighty, four-inch wide Chocolate Rad winning the prize. Will your cookie win this year? Put on those oven mitts and bake your masterpiece to enter the contest!

    SKITS? PERFORMANCES? Are there any Thespians, dancers, jugglers, quick-change artists, spoken word poets in TWO languages, or other talented NOTIS members? Entertain us!  There is a giant stage at our venue!  We would welcome your creativity!

    GRAND PRIZE! At the event, we'll have a raffle for several really fun gift cards and prizes, including a grand prize of a year-long NOTIS membership!

    VERY IMPORTANT PARKING/BUS DETAILS:  There are 24 parking spots in the main parking lot, 14 parking spots below and behind the community center (going past the center down an incline), and 24 spots next to the lower lot by a skate park.  Please carpool if at all possible. There is NO parking available at the YMCA, which is across the street from the community center.  

    Bus line #226 drops off a 30-second walk away from the front door of the community center.

    The most convenient way to reach the Highland Community Center is to take Bus #226 at the Bellevue Transit Center and exit at NE Bellevue Redmond Rd & 143rdAve NE (10 stops). Below are the bus routes to the Bellevue Transit Center.

    If you are coming from Downtown Seattle:Take Bus #550 Express (Bellevue) at 2ndAve and Seneca St >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center.

    If you are coming from Burien:Take #560 (Bellevue Via Sea-Tac Airport) at Burien TC >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center. [Bus #560 runs once per hour on Saturdays].

    If you are coming from Redmond Transit Center:Take B Line LOCAL (Bellevue Transit Center Crossroads) at Redmond Transit Center Bay 4 >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center.

    If you are coming from Kirkland Transit Center:Take #235 Local (Bellevue Transit Center – Bus #235 runs once per hour on Saturdays) at Kirkland Transit Center Bay 3 (SB) >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center. 

    If you are coming from Bothell:Take #522 Express (Downtown Seattle) at Woodinville Dr & Kaysner Way >Exit at Union St & 4thAve >Transfer to #550 Express (Bellevue) >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center. 

    If you are coming from Woodinville:Take #552 Express (Downtown Seattle – Bus #552 and Bus #552 Express are the same thing.) at 132ndAve NE Flyer Stop >Exit at Union St and 4thAve >Transfer to #550 Express (Bellevue) >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center. 

    If you are coming from Kent:Take #180 Local (Burien Transit Center Seattle Tacoma International Airport – bus will have a sign that reads “Burien”) from Kent Station Bay 9 >Exit at International Blvd and S 176thSt >Transfer to #560 (Bellevue Via Sea-Tac Airport) >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center 

    If you are coming from Tacoma:Take #574 (SeaTac Airport – baggage claim level - Via Tacoma Via Fedway) from Tacoma Dome Station >Exit at International Blvd and S 176thSt >Transfer to #560 (Bellevue Via Sea-Tac Airport) >Exit at Bellevue Transit Center. 

    Questions?: Please email Maria Farmer at

    • 12/19/2019
    • 17:30 - 19:30
    • Folio, 93 Pike St. #307, Seattle, WA 98101

    Join us at Folio for a discussion led by local poet Sharon Bryan, who will lend us her knowledge of poetry - particularly, poetry in translation! For the first part of the event, the group will examine multiple English translations of poems translated from Polish, Swedish and Spanish and compare the approach of each translator. The second part of the session will be devoted to translations by participants of two Spanish-language poems selected by the instructor. All materials will be distributed to registrants by email before the event, and translators from all languages and genres are encouraged to participate.

    Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, presenter Sharon Bryan earned a BA in philosophy from the University of Utah, an MA in anthropology from Cornell University, and an MFA from the University of Iowa. She is the author of the poetry collections Salt Air (1983), Objects of Affection (1987), Flying Blind (1996), and Sharp Stars (2009), which won the Isabella Stewart Gardner Poetry Award. Sharon currently teaches at Hugo House in Seattle. For more information, visit her website.

    The Northwest Literary Translators, part of the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society, meet the third Thursdays of most months at Folio, the Seattle Athenaeum. For more information, join our Facebook group.

    • 01/16/2020
    • 17:30 - 19:30
    • Folio, 93 Pike St. #307, Seattle, WA 98101

    NOTIS and Folio's series of events for literary translators continues in January with another Feedback Forum. Translators will share their works in progress and accept helpful feedback and questions from attendees. All languages and genres are welcome (an excerpt from French is already on the agenda). If you'd like to share your work, please email Shelley Fairweather-Vega.

    Presenting members are asked to bring refreshments to share. 

    The Northwest Literary Translators, part of the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society, meet the third Thursdays of most months at Folio, the Seattle Athenaeum. For more information, join our Facebook group.

    • 04/04/2020
    • Bellevue College

    Save the date for a full-day event produced by NOTIS's Legal Division, featuring skills training, ethics for legal interpreters, and more!

Past events

11/21/2019 NOTIS Night at the Movies
11/21/2019 True Crime: A True Translation Story
11/16/2019 WEBINAR: Is an Emoji Worth 1,000 Words?
11/02/2019 Interpreting for Cancer Care
10/19/2019 Interpreting for Diabetes Care
10/19/2019 Translation tech deep dive with Sameh Ragab
10/17/2019 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
09/28/2019 Exhibit at NOTIS Language & Job Fair 2019
09/28/2019 NOTIS 2019 Annual Conference
09/26/2019 Translating Children's Literature
09/17/2019 Court Interpreter Gathering - All Languages
09/14/2019 Interpreting for Cancer Care
08/31/2019 Interpreting for Services related to Autism Spectrum Disorder
07/23/2019 French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Spanish Gathering
07/13/2019 Interpreting for the Injured Worker
06/29/2019 ATA Certification Exam 2019
06/27/2019 WEBINAR: Improve Your Online Research Skills: Finding Better Answers to Translation Questions
06/20/2019 Editing literary translations
06/15/2019 Glands, Note taking workshop
06/11/2019 Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Laotian, Khmer, Mongolian, Hmong Gathering
05/25/2019 Translation In the Spotlight
05/15/2019 Bellevue College Job & Networking Fair
05/14/2019 Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali Language Speakers' Gathering
05/11/2019 Interpreting for Diabetes Care
04/18/2019 Lyn Coffin lecture
04/04/2019 Interpreting for Social Work in Healthcare Settings
03/30/2019 Legal Division 2019
03/30/2019 Glands, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Self-Care for Interpreters
03/30/2019 Interpreting for Cancer Care
03/28/2019 AWP Literary Translation Happy Hour
03/23/2019 Making the Tough Decisions : A skills-building workshop on interpreter ethics in healthcare settings
03/21/2019 Spring Translation Slam!
03/16/2019 Making the Tough Decisions: Ethical Decision-making for Interpreters in Health Care
03/09/2019 Interpreting in Critical Care
03/02/2019 Interpreting for Chemical Dependency and Pain Management Patients
02/26/2019 Vietnamese Translator/Interpreter Gathering
02/23/2019 Interpreting for Ethically Difficult Situations
02/23/2019 Interpreting for Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies
02/21/2019 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
02/16/2019 Interpreting for Prenatal Genetics (Tri-Cities)
02/13/2019 WEBINAR: Interpreting Considerations for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
02/09/2019 Interpreting for the Injured Worker
02/02/2019 Interpreting for Prenatal Genetics
01/26/2019 Interpreting for Cancer Care
01/19/2019 WEBINAR: Interpreting in Spiritual Care
01/17/2019 NW Literary Translators host Dr. Richard Watts
01/12/2019 Interpreting for Nephrology (Spanish specific)
12/20/2018 Translating Comics and Graphic Novels
12/15/2018 Interpreting in OT/PT/Speech
12/15/2018 WEBINAR: Becoming a Super-Fast Freelance Translator and Coping with Technology in a Constantly Evolving World
12/15/2018 Making the Tough Decisions
11/15/2018 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
11/15/2018 Wenatchee Happy Hour
10/27/2018 Interpreting for Palliative Care
10/20/2018 Interpreting in OT/PT/Speech
10/20/2018 Making the Tough Decisions
10/19/2018 Webinar: Anatomy of a Deposition and How to Master This Niche
10/18/2018 Conference Prep for Literary Translators
10/06/2018 CANCELLED: The Language of Nephrology: SPANISH-SPECIFIC
09/29/2018 Interpreting Cardiology for Spanish Interpreters: Spanish Specific
09/29/2018 CANCELED: Practical Technology for Interpreters at International Translation Day
09/28/2018 International Translation Day Fair and Workshops
09/28/2018 Table at Seattle Language & Job Fair 2018
09/11/2018 At the Inkwell celebrates National Translation Month: Words and Worlds In Translation
09/08/2018 Sight Translation and Glossary Building
09/01/2018 Boise happy hour
08/27/2018 Making the Tough Decisions
08/25/2018 Culture Brokering for Health Care Interpreters
08/25/2018 Making the Tough Decisions
08/18/2018 All About the Brain: Anatomy, Injury, Seizures, and Death
08/05/2018 NOTIS Summer Picnic
07/07/2018 Interpreting in OT/PT/Speech and Dealing with Difficult Interpreting Encounters
06/23/2018 Literary Translators Open Mic Night
06/16/2018 Ethics Challenge 2018, All about Brain: Anatomy, Injuries, Seizures, and Death
06/09/2018 ATA Certification Exam 2018
05/26/2018 Spokane Gathering for All Translators and Interpreters
05/23/2018 Webinar: Introduction to Medical Insurance, Billing, and Medical Debt for Interpreters
05/19/2018 Interpreting in Cancer Genetics
05/17/2018 Literary Translation & the Law
04/28/2018 Deep Dive into Cultural Competence
04/21/2018 Compassion Fatigue / Cultural Competence (2 classes)
04/19/2018 Self-publishing 101
04/17/2018 Russian Interpreter and Translator Gathering
04/14/2018 Interpreting Cardiology for Spanish Interpreters
04/07/2018 Interpreting for Chemical Dependency and Pain Management Patients
03/24/2018 Spokane Spanish-language Interpreter/Translator Networking Event
03/19/2018 Interpreting for LGBT Patients
03/17/2018 Medical Genetics 2018
03/15/2018 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
03/06/2018 Mandarin Interpreters and Translators Vocabulary Swap
02/15/2018 Translation for the Opera
02/06/2018 Spanish-language court interpreters and legal translators
01/18/2018 Literary Translation Tools and Tech
12/21/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
12/09/2017 Right to Left Computing in a Nutshell
12/09/2017 Interpreting for Services related to Autism Spectrum Disorder-Second Offering
12/03/2017 NOTIS Holiday Party
12/03/2017 NOTIS Annual Meeting
11/18/2017 Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters; and Linguistic Considerations for Interpreters
11/11/2017 Panel Discussion: Working With Agencies
11/08/2017 Roundtable on Education for Literary Translation
10/28/2017 Adapting Interpreting Techniques to Mental Health Settings
10/21/2017 Interpreting for Services related to Autism Spectrum Disorder
10/19/2017 Postponed: Game translation as literary translation
09/30/2017 Interpreting in Cancer Genetics
09/21/2017 AmazonCrossing Happy Hour and Reading Night
09/12/2017 Seattle Job Fair 2017
09/09/2017 Court Interpreter Division Conference
08/13/2017 NOTIS Summer Picnic
07/29/2017 Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care for Interpreters
07/22/2017 Interpreting for Palliative Care
07/20/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
06/23/2017 Seattle happy hour
06/17/2017 Glossary Building for Interpreters and On-line Resources for Healthcare Interpreters
06/15/2017 Poetry, translation and grants
06/03/2017 Barriers to Care: Health Care from the Patient’s Point of View, Ethics Scenarios, Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters
05/20/2017 ATA Certification Exam
05/18/2017 Literary translation publishers' panel
05/13/2017 Webinar: Vicarious Trauma
05/13/2017 The Language of Cardiology and The Language of Nephrology
05/11/2017 NOTIS Networking Member Meet-Up
04/29/2017 Interpreting for Pediatric Cardiology
04/22/2017 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Interpreters and Translators
04/20/2017 Spring translation slam
03/16/2017 Literary Translation Feedback Forum
03/04/2017 Glands and Seizures: a Workshop for Healthcare Interpreters
02/28/2017 Interpreting in Pediatric Assessment Encounters
02/17/2017 Members Only Co-Working Meetup
02/16/2017 Literary Translation: Pitch Perfect
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