NOTIS Translation/Interpretation Scholarship 2021 Round 1

  • 04/23/2021
  • 20:00
  • Online

NOTIS Translation/Interpretation Scholarship 2021 Round 1


Through its scholarships program, NOTIS aims to support the translation and interpretation community by increasing access to essential training. This scholarship is intended to help NOTIS members complete one translation or interpretation training of their choice.


The scholarships committee will select candidates based on responses to application questions and thoughtfulness of answers. Scholarships in this round will be capped at $150 for members.

Non-members will receive 1 year of free NOTIS membership –a $45 value- and their scholarship will be capped at $105.

You may apply for a training that costs more, but NOTIS will only be able to provide a maximum of $150 per scholarship.

The scholarship will only apply to one (1) training, regardless of cost.

This scholarship may be applied to NOTIS trainings, or other non-NOTIS trainings applicable to the T&I community.

Please note that the ATA practice exam is not considered a training.


  • Applicants may only apply for one scholarship at a time, to be applied to one course. Candidates will be evaluated anonymously by a committee using a predetermined set of criteria. Priority will be given to those who answer the questions thoughtfully, thoroughly and directly, demonstrating need and engagement in the NOTIS community. Recipients must be a member of NOTIS in good standing. However, non-members may apply for a scholarship that also includes a one-year NOTIS membership. A maximum of two such membership scholarships will be awarded in this round. 
  • Please note: In 2021, you may apply for a scholarship even if you have received a NOTIS scholarship in the past calendar years. All applicants may receive a maximum of one (1) scholarship for the 2021 calendar year.

  • If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to write up a comment on the training for posting on NOTIS’s website, social media, and/or newsletter. 
  • If you receive a scholarship for a NOTIS-sponsored training, NOTIS will register you for the training. It you receive a scholarship for a non-NOTIS training, you will register yourself for the training, and upon submission of your receipt, NOTIS will send a reimbursement for the agreed-upon amount, up to a maximum of $150, or if you are a non-member, up to a maximum of $105.
  • If you receive a scholarship for a training that has passed, or is full, you may apply the scholarship towards a similar training of equal or lesser value.

Application deadline: April 23, 2021

Want to apply? Please access this link to complete your application:


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